Audit Committee Characteristics and Management of Malaysian Listed Firms
Puan Yatim
Faculty of Economics and Business
Universiti Kebangsaaan Malaysia


This Study explores the association between audit committee characteristics and the establishment of a risk management committee by Malaysian listed firms. The study predicts that firms with more independent, expert and diligent audit committees are likely to establish a stand-alone risk management committee. It is also expected that audit committees with more members are also likely to support the establishment of a risk management committee. The study employs a cross-sectional analysis of 690 firms listed on the Bursa Malaysia for the financial year ending in 2003. A logistic regression analysis is used to estimate the relationships proposed in the hypotheses. The study finds a strong support for associations between the establishments of risk management committee and audit committee size, and audit committee diligence. The results also show that the establishment of a risk management committee is positively and significantly associated with firm-specific variables such as firm size, complexity of a firm’s operations and the use of Big Four audit firms.

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