Corporate Websites, Design & Disclosure: The Thailand Position
The rapid evolution of the internet technology has created the ability to disseminate information almost instantaneously to world-wide audience and many businesses have already applied this capability. This paper reviews an empirical study into the extent and quality of Internet Financial Reporting (IFR) among the Top 40 Thai listed companies. A qualitative index was developed based on Cheng, Lawrence and Coy (2000) having four disclosure categories of content, timeliness, technology and user support. It was found that Thai companies provide financial information on the Internet as a complement to their traditional paper-based annual report. The extent and quality of IFR practices varied widely among the firms and only a few companies apply the enhancements that Internet Technology can offer. The categories of disclosure relating to user support and content scored higher that timeliness and technology on the Thai's companies' websites. IFR practices of Thai listed companies are similar to companies in the other companies in other countries with Thai firms increasingly reporting financial data on the Internet. However, there is a need for Thai firms to better utilize the Internet capabilities for financial reporting.

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